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Claims List.

This is where you claim the couple you would like to use in your 100 icons. Just add a post stating the following information:

The couple I'd like to claim:
Which Season / Episodes / Film / Game (delete as appropriate): if applicable

I will then answer you to let you know if your claim has been accepted, and I will also let you know the date that your first batch must be posted by and the date that the full 100 icons must be posted by. Dates are in day/month/year order.

This is also where the list of current claims will be posted. If the couple you wish to claim is on the list below you will not be able to claim them until the previous member has finished all their 100 icons.

Current Claims List:

glittersprite-Torchwood: Season 1. Jack/Owen. 1st batch - 05/05/07 All finished - 28/09/07 (extention granted)
lafemmedarla-Angel: Season 2. Darla/Drusilla. 1st batch - 07/06/07 All finished - 17/08/07
whitequeenwalks-The Raconteurs: Jack White/Brendan Benson. 1st batch - 17/07/07 All finished - 18/09/07
whitequeenwalks-Led Zepplin: Jimmy Plant/Robert Page. 1st batch - 17/07/07 All finished - 18/09/07
super_six_one-Supernatural: Seasons 1 & 2. Sam/Dean. 1st batch - 23/08/07 All finished - 25/10/07
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