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iconicslash_100's Journal

Icon 100 challenge for fandom slash
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Yes, it's another 100 icons challenge community. With this community the icons are based around slash from all fandoms. These include tv shows, movies, music, gaming and celebs - basically anything you can think of. All claims have 3 months to be completed.

Here's how it all works

Think of the couple that you want to make icons of (these can be boy/boy or girl/girl), then go to the claims list page. Firstly check the current claims to make sure that the couple that you want to use aren't already being used by another member (if they are you could still use them but in a different way, check the community rules below to see how), if they are not being used then just make a post as shown on the page lising who you want to use. I will then reply to your post to let you know that the claim has been accepted and giving you your completion date and the date that your 1st batch mus be posted by.

Community Rules

1 - You must be a member of the community in order to make a claim.

2 - All icons must adhere to the standard livejournal restrictions. They must be JPG, GIF or PNG, 100x100 pixels in size and no bigger than 40KB.

3 - Only one person can claim a certain couple at a time. However if the current claim is for a certain tv season or episode, you can claim the same couple in a different season or episode. For example: you may want to claim Logan and Alec from 'Dark Angel' but there is a already a current claim for them, you can submit a claim to use them but only using images from the episode 'Freak Nation'. Likewise if you want to claim Jack and Ennis from 'Brokeback Mountain' but there is already a claim, you could submit a claim for Jake and Heath instead.

4 - If you decide to use characters from a tv show or movie you can only use images of the actors as those characters. So if you want to claim Spike and Xander you can only use screencaps or promos from 'BTVS', you can't use images of James and Brendon in any other roles or in interviews etc.

5 - Not all the icons have to feature both of the couple you have chosen. As long as one of them is in the icon, it'll be fine. However try to use both of them as much as you can otherwise it's not really slashy.

6 - You can use the same image for more than one icon, as long as you use a different effect on it, but please be sensible about this - we don't want 100 icons of the same picture ;)

7 - Icons can be still, animated or a mixture of both.

8 - The icons can be bases just as long as you have done some work on them other than cropping to the right size.

9 - The full 100 icons must be completed within 3 months of your claim being accepted. You don't have to post all 100 icons together, you can post the 100 in small batches of no less than 10 icons. However, your first batch must be posted within 3 weeks of the claim being accepted, this is just so we know that you are still interested in the claim and so that we don't wait around for 3 months before realising that someone has made a claim, decided against making them and haven't bothered to tell us. If the first batch is not submitted within the 3 weeks, then the claim will be removed from the list.
(You don't have to try and work out the dates that the first batch and the full 100 icons need to be posted by, we will do all that boring stuff for you. When we let you know that the claim has been accepted we will also let you know the relevent dates.)

10 - Each member can only have a maximum of 3 claims at any one time. Although we can't really see anyone being crazy enough to want to make more than 300 icons in 3 months :)

11 - When posting your icon batches please put them behind a cut with a maximum of 3 before the cut as previews.

12 - If any of the pictures are of an adult nature (which, being slash, a few of them are bound to be) please state so before the cut so that any younger members aren't subjected to images they really shouldn't be seeing.

13 - Please don't just vanish from the community without finishing your claim. Other members may be waiting for you to finish so that they can do the same couple as you (plus it's very annoying). If you have made a claim that you can't finish by your given date, let me know by placing a post in the unable to finish page. If you have a good reason for not meeting the date but do want to finish it we can try to sort out a new end date for you or, if you just don't want to finish the claim, I can remove you from the current claims list.

Let's Get Started

Once you have decided which couple you want to use go to the Claims List, here you can check if the couple has already been taken. If they haven't, you can post your request giving the information requested on the claims list page. We will then let you know if your claim has been accepted and also give you the date that your first batch must be submitted by and the date that all 100 icons must be posted by.

When all 100 icons have been posted let us know at the Hall of Fame page, you will then be given your award in the shape of a nice shiny banner that you can put on your journal. Your username will also be added to the Hall of Fame list at the page for all to see.

If you can't finish a claim or you need a bit more time (with a good reason and estimate of how much longer it will take you), you can let us know at the Unable to finish page. We can then either remove your claim from the current claims list or, if you need more time, give you a new completion date.

That's pretty much everything covered, so get thinking about you favourite slashy couples and put in your claims.

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